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Romance Novel Cover Plus Size Model Website Model Flyer Stock Model Cover Model AI Woman Book Cover Model Curvy Model

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Using the latest AI technology, we have created a collection of 82 plus size models that showcase the beauty of curvier women. These stock digital models are ideal for marketing materials, social media posts, business cards, flyers, website banner or posts, book covers and more.

Each image is selected for being as realistic as possible, although because they are AI-generated, there may be minor flaws with the models, but you more than likely will not notice them.

Here is what you can do with these model stock images:

– Website media content : These stock models can give your website a polished look. Focuses on plus size fashion trends, styling tips, and outfit ideas.

– Stock Models for Photography – Show clients what could be possible with posing and outfits.

– Body Positivity Photography Campaigns: Create a campaign that celebrates body positivity and diversity, using plus size stock images to showcase different body types in a confident and empowering manner.

– Product Advertisements: Use plus size stock images in advertisements for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products to reach a broader audience.

– Social Media Campaigns: Run social media campaigns that showcase real-life stories and experiences of plus size individuals to break stereotypes and promote inclusivity.

– Dating and Relationship Content: Develop content, coaching sessions that address dating and relationships showing plus size women.

You will love this set!

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These products are designed for photographers that have the ability to be able to use programs like Photoshop that can work with layers, masking, transforming tools and cutting out subjects.

– This is a digital product, so you will not see anything in your mail box.
– Inspect your purchased image, as I am not liable for damages or claims.
– Products in our shop are different sizes, check the screenshots in the listing to make sure it will work for you.

When purchasing this product, here is what you can do:

This license allows you to:

– Use images as you wish, as long as you do not intend to sell it for mass commercial purposes on Etsy, Amazon or another platform.

– Post images on your websites, social media banners in an altered state. Apply your logos, change the pictures, layer them together.

This license DOES NOT:

– Does not allow you the right to RESELL, GIVE AWAY or GIFT this product.


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