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Blue Sky Digital Blue Yellow Fields Backdrop Corn Fields Yellow Gold Fields Background Blue Sky Blur Background Vibrant Digital Composite

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As the landscape turns vibrant shades of gold, orange, and crimson, capture the essence of the season like never before with this corn field collection. This collection has an assortment of field digitals and a PNG overlay will seamlessly integrate with your photographs.

One of the standout feature of this collection is the PNG overlays. Cutting out landscapes can be the hardest part of composite photography, but they also make it easier to blend multiple images together. I have done it for you! The PNG overlays provided in the kit create ease for the photographer who is working in composite photography. These overlays add a layer of creativity to your work, allowing you to tailor each image to your unique vision.

If you love the combination of blue skies and yellow golden fields, this collection is for you. Included are photos based in a corn field, and around the color gold and cyan colored skies.

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