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Creative Editing For Photographers

In a world saturated with visually stunning images, the modern photographer must go beyond just taking a picture to embracing the transformative power of advanced photography techniques in software like Adobe Photoshop. This is where a photograph transcends the ordinary and becomes a work of art.

About This Product:

This digital background is one of a real flower field. The field was designed either to place your subject into the path, OR to place them into the field with flowers in front of them.

Its easy to do both because I have made 4 custom blur overlays which hide and blend your subject into the frame. Simply piece them in, and then put the flower overlays over top of them. Duplicate your layer, and use the flowers again and add a blur, and simply erase the flowers to create a nice depth of focus.

Photography, as an art form, often relies on the power of color to evoke emotions, tell stories, and create captivating compositions. When it comes to the color blue, its significance in photography is no less profound. In the realm of fine art photography, the color blue can be harnessed to convey a sense of tranquility and contemplation. From the serene blue hues of a calm ocean at sunset to the moody, ethereal tones in a night sky dotted with stars, photographers can use the color blue to transport viewers to dreamlike worlds. By manipulating lighting, contrast, and saturation, fine art photographers can create striking visual narratives where the color blue takes center stage, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own imagination.

Children’s photography, on the other hand, often capitalizes on the playfulness and innocence associated with the color blue. Whether it’s capturing the pure joy in a child’s eyes as they gaze at a vibrant blue balloon or the whimsy of a toddler’s first encounter with a bright blue puddle, blue can be a dynamic element in these images. Photographers can dress their young subjects in clothing that incorporates shades of blue, using it as a cheerful backdrop against which the boundless energy and curiosity of childhood can shine. In children’s photography, blue can symbolize growth, exploration, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

In both fine art and children’s photography, the color scheme plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive and visually pleasing composition. Complementary colors like orange and yellow can be strategically introduced to enhance the impact of blue. For fine art, a subtle addition of warm tones can create a harmonious balance, while in children’s photography, these contrasting colors can emphasize the excitement and vitality of youth. Ultimately, the choice of clothing for photography subjects can greatly influence the overall aesthetic. Whether it’s the elegance of a flowing blue gown against a serene seascape or the cheerfulness of a child’s blue-themed outfit in a vibrant outdoor setting, the color blue has the power to transform photographs into captivating works of art.

Creative Editing For Photographers

Editing with finesse is about more than just correcting imperfections or enhancing colors; it's a creative journey that allows photographers to infuse their unique vision into each frame. By diving into techniques such as overlays, background blurs, sharpening, and color grading, photographers can elevate their images to a level that distinguishes them in a crowded global space.

Overlay blurs, for instance, enables a softening that most viewers are attracted to, but they don’t know how to achieve.  Background blurs provide a captivating sense of depth, guiding the viewer’s focus to the subject and creating a professional and polished look.

Sharpening, when applied selectively, enhances the details within a photograph, bringing out textures and intricacies that may be overlooked in the raw image. Meanwhile, color grading empowers photographers to define the mood and atmosphere of their work, imparting a signature style that sets them apart.

In a world where everyone has access to high-quality cameras, mastering these advanced techniques becomes a crucial step in  distinguishing oneself a set apart artist with a unique vision and story telling. 

So, to those passionate about photography, consider Photoshop not merely as a tool for correction but as an expansive canvas awaiting your artistic touch. The true art of photography extends beyond the lens and into the realm of story telling using digital editing.

Behind Meranda Devan – Through compositing, I discovered a new avenue for expression with post production techniques.   My journey is driven by the pursuit of creating a stronger visual story in my art.  I am located in the mountains of Northern Idaho.

ART MADE EASIER was a resource that was started for fellow photographers. Drawing from  9 years of photography, files were made to make the creative process easier for those who are willing to push the boundaries of creative art.