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Designing With Digital Art

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The convenience of selecting art online, enables us to seamlessly browse through an extensive collection of art, making the process of selecting meaningful faith-based images both efficient and meaningful.

Designing With Digital Art

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Imagine setting up a new gallery wall of faith inspired prints in your living room, bedroom, or prayer space. The soft hues and delicate brushstrokes create an atmosphere of serenity, making it a perfect piece for reflection and contemplation.​

Image Sizes

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As a digital download, the possibilities are endless. Print it on roll-able canvas and frame it for a new gallery on your wall. Use it as a screensaver. Print it off as a card to give to friends. Give it as a gift or a holiday present.


This purchase is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Please note that this listing is for digital files only. No physical product will be shipped and the frames in the listing photos are for inspirational purposes and not included.

Your Purchase Includes

You will receive 5 high-resolution JPG files in ONE RATIO

– Ratio 4:5 – ( Largest Printable Size 24×30 ) – File Size 7200×9000 – 300dpi

This means you can print these in this size frame:

✂ 4:5 Ratio Sizes:

inches: 4×5 / 8×10 / 11×14/ 12×15 / 16×20 / 20×25 / 24×30

CM: | 10 x 12 | 20×25 | 28×35 | 30×38 | 40×50| 61×76

If you would like another size, – just email me. I would be happy to make it possible for you

Download it | Print It | Frame It

This piece of art is in the form of a digital download, which you can print in a variety of sizes. The frames in the listing will not come in the mail, as this is a digital download. Read on below in this description for a list of the most beautiful frame suggestions that you can pair with this art.

Frames To Consider

About This Art:

This print has the texture of a canvas painting, so even when you print it out, it will look like a rare piece of art piece that you have collected. The texture shows strokes of oil paint and woven canvas.

Create A Set:

Print it on roll-able canvas and frame it in a museum frame. Take a variety of frames and unify them with black, gray or gold spray paint to create a wall collection of prints. Use vintage frames from antique store to create a feeling of elegance on your walls. Or, use this art in a different way. Use the digital art as a screensaver, or print them on cards to give away.

The Printing Process

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What do you like?

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⭘ Unframed Art ? | Go with Canvas Blocks

Here are some examples with links:

1. Foam Board Prints – ( posters with durability )

Frames To Consider –

Styrene | Nations Photo Lab |
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2. Rolled Canvas – ( pair these with heavy museum frames )

Loose Thin Canvas | Bay Photo |
Rolled Thin Canvas | Uprinting |

3. Art Blocks

Canvas | Nations |
Canvas | Mpix |
Canvas | Printique |
Wood Blocks | Mpix |

Best Printing Services – New York Times –


Because of the nature of the product there are no refunds on Instant Digital Downloads. However, on the rare occasion that you are not completely happy, please contact us & we will do our very best to make sure you are happy with the art.


This artwork is property of Meranda Devan and is for personal use only. You can print these files as many times as you’d like, but commercial use is not available at this time.

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Behind Meranda Devan – Through compositing, I discovered a new avenue for expression with post production techniques.   My journey is driven by the pursuit of creating a stronger visual story in my art.  I am located in the mountains of Northern Idaho.

ART MADE EASIER was a resource that was started for fellow photographers. Drawing from  9 years of photography, files were made to make the creative process easier for those who are willing to push the boundaries of creative art.